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Thank you for joining our #HomeVisiting twitter chat. Please jump in the conversation by following along at #RenewMIECHV

Q1 – 2:00 Q1 What are the benefits of #MIECHV to children, families, communities and our nation? #RenewMIECHV

Q2 – 2:05 Q2 What key things should #Congress and committee leaders should do to #RenewMIECHV and protect families participating in #homevisting?

Q3 – 2:10 Q3 Why would renewing MIECHV help support the most vulnerable families in your community?

Q4 – 2:15 Q4 Tell us about key innovations in #homevisiting programs, such as the efforts helping families struggling w/ addiction #RenewMIECHV

Q5 – 2:20 Q5 What have advocates been doing in the field to help get congress to #RenewMIECHV?

Q6 – 2:30 Q6 If we don’t #RenewMIECHV, or #Congress renews it late, what are the consequences to states, children & families?

Q7 – 2:35 Q7 Tell us about key cultural enrichment & inclusion of traditions/language in Tribal #MIEHCV programs #KeepingTheCircleStrong #RenewMIECHV

Q8 – 2:40 Q8 What are the consequences of short-term funding extensions? #RenewMIECHV

Q9 – 2:50 Q9 What is needed in the reauthorization-stable, long-term funding without state match and other harmful provisions? #RenewMIECHV

Q10 – 2:55 Q10 What can #homevisiting advocates and supporters do to urge #congress to #RenewMIECHV?

CLOSE – 3:00 pm

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