What Can Congress Do?

Funding initiatives with proven positive outcomes


MIECHV supports critical work to develop and implement voluntary, evidence-based home visiting programs.

While the program’s ability to impact maternal and child health outcomes is clear, years of level funding limit its reach to vulnerable families. Of the 18 million current and expectant parents who could benefit from MIECHV, only 150,000 currently benefit from the program. To bring the power of home visiting to more families and promote improved maternal health outcomes, we need Congress to invest more in MIECHV.

Our Priorities for the 117th Congress

The Home Visiting Coalition looks forward to working with the 117th Congress to support the vital work of evidence-based home visiting programs with a strong reauthorization of MIECHV. Our key priorities in the new Congress are:

  • Increase MIECHV funding by $200 million each year over five years, to a total of $1.4 billion annually, to reach more families and better support the workforce over the next five years
  • Double the Tribal set-aside
  • Continue to allow virtual home visiting with model fidelity as an approved option for service deliver

Click here to see a one pager with more details on the coalition’s overall reauthorization priorities

Click here to see a one pager about the benefits of virtual home visiting